Troy Elite NG, the new frontier in audio realism.





A friend (Tripoint Troy owner) came for a visit yesterday. We were floored by incredibly real tonality, expansive soundstage and agility. Currently I don’t use my reference speakers but a modest $2500 Reference 3A speakers from Canada. Nevertheless they sang like crazy! My friend has very similar system to mine but uses $60000 speakers and mine was way better.

Record after record we were shocked by this magical reality. Instruments sounded sooo correct, live concert fast with crazy transients. Tube amps are not best for super quick transients but with NG my completely tube system reproduced starting transients like best solid state.

Hi Miguel, things are getting better! Much better! Crazy good timbre and stage expanding. The articulation is out of this world. No way one would guess the system is all tube. Scale is to die for even on these “small” and cheap speakers. Tripoint power turned it into a giant killer. These things can’t be obtained any other way. You have to have Tripoint power to experience this level of realism. Now I understand what exactly you were talking about. Congratulations Miguel this Elite NG/Emperor mkii combo is a magic maker. A true masterpiece. Can’t stop listening to music, even modern atonal classics such as Varesse and Berg is magical.

Why do we need a conductor in an orchestra? What makes Fritz Reiner different from Karajan? Why does a conductor matter?

Beyond the Hi Fi superlatives that we know, this is the first time ever I feel the whole orchestra movement is following a conductor. I can feel the the whole team is following a conductor.

The Troy Elite NG allows me to share the stage with the conductor. This is not an imagination.

The NG demonstrates the orchestra is under the baton of the conductor. This is a real connection.

The biggest improvement is IMAGE stability. 

Also all objects has energy radiation, however small they are. That is the magic of NG.

The biggest shock to me is IMAGING is so right and spot on. I always feel imaging from Divin is bigger than normal.  With NG, everything has the right proportion. Why Is that?  Bigger imaging was a result of ground noises surrounding it?

Also very natural and exquisitely refined.

Music in unison with the right timing.

Emperor Master Reference Ground Cables.


I listened for a couple hours last night. It’s to the point where I’m rediscovering all my music again. Everything has come back together and the distortion has finally gone!! What’s left is pure effortless music. Dynamics have fully returned and the ease and flow in Rudolf’s terms is completely unmechanical. Voices have never sounded so natural, even my wife mentioned a clarity and naturalness that was never there before. It really is soooo good! 

The distortion is gone for good I think. 

Everything is coming back together and it sounds very powerful yet so calm. I think break in is coming to an end. I love it.

The music sounded so good last night! I unplug everything when I leave town and noticed the connection to one of the HD amps was loose. I tightened it up and listened for a couple hours. It’s the best it’s sounded. Total immersion in the sound. All the life was back!! Hope your doing well!

Already do, there is no going back. It’s strange but all of us with your products talk about the same effects heard from people with top systems all around the world. I feel like their the only ones that understand what any of us hear. Everyone else is blissfully ignorant.

What a focus, precision, transparency.

It seems as if the sound has been polished and a lot of distorsion has been removed. Eureka.

The best sound I have heard so far out of the LA’s.

Magic here. So many shades of tone in the instruments. ‘Realness’ here today

The sound has become oh so ‘polished’ / delicate / refined / unmechanical

Tripoint Spartan, Prince, and Orion


For the past two months, I have written very little about the Spartan Power Conditioner. Truth be told, I really didn’t have much to write about. The Spartan came with the highest expectations, along with the loftiest adjectives. Alas, it seemed not to be. Until one day…

On 7/24/2010, exactly 59 days from delivery, I sat in astonishment. Strange, because the whole system literally transformed in a single day. It’s as if someone took the lid off my stereo. What I hear is gorgeous, sparkling, clear, unrestricted, and delicate music. I hang on to every note, as it takes over my respiration, heart rate, and my eyes begin to weep. Even the pauses sound beautiful. The stage has been transformed into a hall, with notes rising and collapsing into natural space. Music is open and extended, with detail, sweetness, shimmer, and sheen. I can feel the music vibrate my body. From top to bottom, the music is absolutely cohesive, infused with energy and freshness. There is now a direct connection with my emotions.

I hear no negative effects or trade-offs. It does not simply lower the noise floor, but redefines the whole experience. Every audio component is performing better, and there is a purity and refinement. I do not hear a stereo, but I do hear the music. The presentation is absolutely uncanny. Nothing seems out of place, although the beauty is somewhat surreal.

Miguel’s obsessiveness has paid-off, and he has created two of the most unique, special, innovative audio components. Was it worth it? Depends if you want to take an excellent system to a new level by adding the elusive ingredient of magic. This was not an easy piece to afford, and it took a great leap of faith. I look forward to the next few months of listening to music anew, and I wonder if things will get even better. At this point, as I find difficulty getting out of my seat while enraptured by music, I would do it all again.